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The Challenger Center

750 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002
750 First Street NE 9
750 First Street NE 2 (1)
750 First Street NE 10
750 First Street NE 3
750 First Street NE 6
750 First Street NE 5
750 First Street NE 7
750 First Street NE 1
750 First Street NE 11
750 First Street NE 4
750 First Street NE 8

"We were so impressed with Capital Trades that we gave them another job."

"My company operates flexible workspace locations in Washington DC and we have worked with many general contractors to build or remodel office space in Class A buildings. Capital Trades is our favorite GC and rising star in the Washington area. Let me tell you why.

We have a 23.000 square foot space at 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, which we remodeled in 2019. We had solicited bids from several large (and well known) Ge’s and Capital Trades. Capital Trades submitted the lowest bid and won the contract.

During construction, we made a frightening discover: the architect had made horrible mistakes with measurements and we needed a complete redesign of the space during construction. Whereas typical changes to a remodeling job involve only minor items, the changes on this job were going to impact every part of the space and involve every trade. We were faced with a nightmare dilemma.

Capital Trades handled all the changes efficiently and quickly. They worked closely with us and with our architects for the reworked design, redid the schedule of all subs on quick notice, and managed to deliver the space close to budget.

A larger GC would have destroyed our budget with very expensive change orders and taken twice as long to deliver the space. Mr. Palma and his team worked around the clock to make sure this would not happen.

We were so impressed with Capital Trades that we gave them another job. We were expanding one of our locations from 20,000 to 30,000 feet. One of our favorite general contractors, who has worked with us on many projects and who had built the original space, was going to build the expansion space. But because of our experience at 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, we gave the job to Capital Trades. Again, we were extremely happy with the result. The space was delivered to us on time and within budget.

We look forward to working with Capital Trades on many other projects in the future. The two spaces they built for us are exceptionally well done. We can confidently recommend them to you as a professional, reliable, and extremely competent general contractor. Mr. Palma is meticulous and takes great pride in delivering quality product."

Christina Mahoubi



1350 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC. 20036


  • Demolition of 7,000 SF for a new buildout

  • Constructed 47 offices

  • The project encompassed flooring, electrical work, plumbing, painting, drywall and acoustic ceilings


  • Executed the installation of Arktura ceiling lighting — Capital Trades is one of the few contracting companies certified by Arktura, for installation of ceiling lighting

  • The installation took place in two conference rooms, featuring backlights and fixtures

  • The project involved constructing bulkhead, implementing electrical work and applying paint

  • Secured necessary permits

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